Happy Rock Show Eve!

We are two shows in the Ultimate Fakebook’s “Four Show Parties.”  We are super excited for tomorrows show at The RecordBar.  This show is like a blast from the past and will rock so hard!

With that said, we have some good and bad news.  As always, good news first!

If you pre-ordered any package involving Electric Kissing Parties on black vinyl you can pick it up at tomorrows show!

Just bring proof of the shipping address you used to pre-order your copy and it’s yours!

Now the bad news.  Due to time restraints we have been unable to get the shipment of Electric Kissing Parties on red vinyl on time. If you pre-ordered a package with the red vinyl, you can still pick up your black copy a the show and we will ship you the red copy when we get them in.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we will get your copy to you as soon as possible.  We are very grateful for the Ultimate Fakebook fans that have made this pressing possible.

Thank you!