Ultimate Fakebook Shipping Soon!

First thank you to all of the fans that made it to any of the Four Parties shows!

It was great seeing so many old school and new school UFB fans.

Now most of you have been scratching your head and asking “where is my UFB vinyl?”

And we have an answer. As you know we ran a pretty tight deadline with our pressing company. During pressing one of the machines broke and a new part had to be ordered.

In that process, some of the copies of Electric Kissing Parties had to be scrapped. They were able to send us a partial order and we are waiting for the rest. While broken parts on the presser gets fixed.

We found out that if one thing doesn’t click, the whole process is thrown off balance.

With that said, we will be getting the remaining records in early next week and shipping everyone on Kickstarter asap.

Once all Kickstarter’s are taken care of, we will then open up the online store.

Sorry for the wait guys and we really appreciate what every UFB fan has done to get this pressing made.