Record Store Day 2012

Record Store Day 2012 is tomorrow! As a supporter of this project we are running our own Record Store Day sale.

Any order placed on April 21st will receive a FREE copy of The Dead Girls ‘She Laughed a Little’ 7inch on black vinyl!

She Laughed a Little,” and it has become a staple of the bands’ live shows.  It’s full of the upbeat, hooky rock that The Dead Girls are known for, and is guaranteed to get stuck in your head all day.

The B-side, “It’s All Happening,” is a treat as well. It’s a one-off song written and recorded in four hours when Motion City Soundtrack singer/guitarist Justin Pierre came into town for a day. The Dead Girls then called up former Blackpool Lights/Creature Comforts/Ultimate Fakebook multi-instrumentalist J.D. Warnock to create a three-vocal/four guitar/six-man wall of sound. The epic super-catchy thumper of a song has since been remixed and remastered exclusively for this release. Simply put, it rocks.

Get your free Dead Girls 7inch on April 21st by placing any order from our Store!

Make sure you make it out to your local record store tomorrow and support what they do for music. Check out for a list of participating locations.