Name Your Own Price – Black Friday Sale!

For our Black Friday sale we have gone kind of crazy…

Starting Friday morning, all of our releases will be Name Your Own Price! That’s right, if you want to pay $3.72 for The Dead Girls’ – Out of Earshot, you got it! $0.01 for Ultimate Fakebook’s – Electric Kissing Parties, do it!

All you gotta do is purchase only from our US store main store here: and pay shipping & handling. That’s it! Update: We have included International orders to this sale!

As a bonus, with random orders we will be throwing in extra goodies such as additional vinyl, test pressings, posters, and whatever else we can find in the RHR offices.

On Black Friday go to and get your vinyl at whatever price you would like to pay! Don’t miss out!

Happy Holidays!

*Rocket Heart Records has the right to decline and refund any orders.