Getting to Know Amy Blaschke

Rocket Heart Records would like to welcome Amy Blaschke to our growing roster of vinyl releases. Look for more details this fall about Amy’s fifth studio album and debut vinyl LP, OPALINE.

More about Amy Blaschke:

To say that Amy Blaschke’s songwriting is ambitious would be an understatement.Amy_B_Promo_1

A Seattle born singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles, Blaschke has been releasing her brand of understated and soulful song craft since 1999. Her most recent efforts include Desert Varnish (2013) and Night Canopy (2007), and in the time since these releases, Blaschke collected 28 original songs, 11 of which would become OPALINE, her forthcoming fifth studio album.

“I am triggered to write and I write,” says Blaschke. “Some songs unfold quickly, seemingly on their own, and some songs require years of nurture until they just feel done.”

It’s this prolific but unforced output that has allowed for Blaschke to expand into new territories on OPALINE, which winds between lush, folk-pop melodies (“Running Into the Fire”) and sparse, intimate arrangements (“Opaline” and “Walking with the Rise”) that honor Blaschke’s original vision. With each song on OPALINE, Blaschke sets a mood, only to tear it down and rebuild on the next track.

“Going into this record, it was very important for me to showcase more variety in my songwriting than on previous efforts,” says Blaschke.

Recorded in early 2014 at Station House Studios in Echo Park, California, OPALINE was produced by singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Brian Whelan (Dwight Yoakam, The Broken West) and engineered by Mark Rains (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Waylon Jennings). “I really wanted to express a range of emotion and style on this album, and I think working with Brian [Whelan] accomplished that,” says Blaschke.

Additional players on OPALINE include Brian Whelan (vocals, guitar, bass, keys), Rob Douglas (bass), Lee Pardini (bass), Mitch Marine (drums), Joachim Cooder (drums), Brendan Buckley (drums), Jebin Bruni (keys) and Eric Heywood (pedal steel). Blaschke’s signature guitar work is featured on every track with exception to “Just Roses,” a haunting number that features Blaschke’s ethereal vocal range and ability to maintain live energy in the studio. “When the moment is captured you can’t beat that,” says Blaschke.

The first single, “Come See About Loving Me,” finds Blaschke wistfully crooning over jangling electric guitars and highly trebled layers of acoustics. The single was also recently featured on the ABC music drama “Nashville.”