HARPS Vinyl EP Coming to Rocket Heart Records

We are very excited to announce Seattle’s very own HARPS will be joining Rocket Heart Records with the release of their Marvelous Cheer EP. Originally self-released digitally and on CD in 2013, Rocket Heart Records will be bringing this EP to a limited edition 12inch vinyl in early 2016.

HARPS began in 2011 as a musical adventure of current frontman Colin Brown in Columbia, South Carolina. After relocating to the pacific northwest in early 2012, mutual connections led Brown to drummer and Seattle-native Nick Molenda. The two soon brought on female lead/pianist Kaitlin Uemura, rounding out the present lineup.

With the mid-2013 release of the aforementioned EP Marvelous Cheer, the band proves themselves to be artistically spirited in a mere five songs. Lead‐off single “Rescue” is a song drowning in sing‐a‐long anthem and synth, while “Foundation” dangles a boy/girl back‐&‐forth worthy of your attention. Factor in the bombastic live drums of “Let Me In” and the hip‐hop tinged “Wait and See” and you have quite the interesting little record.


Photo by: Landon Edwards

The group spent 2014 bolstering fanbases on both coasts. A west coast summer tour opened eyes and ears in new cities, while keeping core fans in Seattle and Columbia highly engaged through a series of one-off dates.

Not about to slow down in 2015, the group embarked on a month-long international US/Canada tour. As luck would have it, all the hard work got the group noticed. As a result, HARPS partnered with Phone Home Management, and is working harder than ever.

The very short of it is, Colin and company are smart. Very smart. But don’t be fooled by the touching nature of their keyboard‐pop. They have a bone to pick.

HARPS and Rocket Heart Records are working together to make this EP release a very special one. Continue to check back to find out the latest details about the Marvelous Cheer vinyl EP!