Welcome to Ravenna Woods

On a rainy Seattle day in May, Rocket Heart Records met up with Ravenna Woods to discuss the possibility of working together on a vinyl. Already being a fan of their music, and after bonding over bloody injuries, we knew we had to work with them.

We are stoked to announce that we will be releasing the next Ravenna Woods vinyl EP this fall on October 14th. ‘Alleyways & Animals‘ produced by Matt Bayles is louder, darker, grittier, and prettier than anything you’ve heard them deliver in the past.

Each vinyl will be uniquely colored and will be packed with extras. Check back soon for additional vinyl details and how to pre-order.

In the meantime, mark your calendars for October 21st for the EP release party at Seattle’s Sunset Tavern.


Why they matter: Ravenna Woods provides a crucial reminder to Seattle’s current scene: Just because it’s acoustic doesn’t mean it must be pastoral and warm.” —SPIN.COM

KEXP’s favorite gloomy folk-punkers.“—KEXP.org