The Dead Girls - She Laughed A Little


The Dead Girls' newest "hit song" that will never be heard on the radio (ha!) is called "She Laughed a Little," and it has become a staple of the bands' live shows. Side-A, "She Laughed a Little," is a full upbeat, hooky rock that The Dead Girls are known for, and is guaranteed to get stuck in your head all day.

The B-side, "It's All Happening," is a treat as well. It's a one-off song written and recorded in four hours when Motion City Soundtrack singer/guitarist Justin Pierre came into town for a day. The Dead Girls then called up former Blackpool Lights/Creature Comforts/Ultimate Fakebook multi-instrumentalist J.D. Warnock to create a three-vocal/four guitar/six-man wall of sound. The epic super-catchy thumper of a song has since been remixed and remastered exclusively for this release.

Track List:

01. She Laughed A Little
02. It's Happening (Featuring: Justin Pierre and JD Warnock)


100 - Red/Black Swirl - Sold Out
400 - Black

HQ Digital Download:

Included, plus 2 bonus tracks

Release Date:




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