Sarah Feinberg
Brad Heyne
Tyler Chism
Isaac Melum


Sarah Feinberg grew up in a musical household nestled in the foothills of the Cascade mountains. Her mother taught her and her three siblings to play guitar, and she wrote her first song at eleven.

At eighteen, she made fast friends with Brad Heyne, and the first seed of TELLERS was sewn. They drifted apart as sometimes happens, until a few years later when they found themselves back in the same city at the same time. “I asked Brad and another friend to accompany me to a solo gig at a local pub,” says Feinberg. “The gig went well, and afterwards, Brad asked, “So when is our next practice?” TELLERS was born.

With the addition of close friends Tyler Chism on lead guitar and Isaac Melum on bass, the TELLERS family was complete. Together they have grown as both people and musicians, and the bond within the band is true and deep.