Nick Pollock
Erin Tate
Chris Quinn
Nick Rhinehart


Late in 2015, The National Guard formed in Seattle, Washington. Perhaps imperfectly slotted into the “Rock” category, the band consists of Nick Pollock (My Sister’s Machine, Soulbender, Tanks Of Zen), Erin Tate (Minus the Bear), Chris Quinn, (Truly, West Section Line) and Nick Rhinehart (Jerry Cantrell, Bam Bam). The band has years of collective experience playing locally, nationally and internationally.

As this musical history suggests, there are disparate influences at play, ranging from hard rock and metal to indie rock and alternative rock. Make no mistake, however. The result is focused, tight, and melodic. While their first album is currently being recorded, the band is looking forward to playing live sets in the near future.

Inauguration Day, their first release, is dedicated to narcissism at its finest. Originally titled “Narcissus,” this song morphed quite naturally into “Inauguration Day,” a nod to the colorful & boorish characters present in today’s Divided States of America.